Immersions into a dynamic and co-creative flow of awareness.


Events and classes in Copenhagen using the tools of meditation, chanting and self inquiry.

The mentioned tools are sometimes used in combination with each other or simply by themselves.

SoundStillness is stepping beyond mind and language into a room where clarity and insight naturally arises.

The aim is to approach a deeper understanding of who we are and what consciousness, freedom and peace is, and where it exists.

SoundStillness is an open space without prejudice where we support each other’s quest for awareness.

What we do

Kirtan: We sing mantras together to connect through the heart. The Sanskrit word mantra means to “cross over the mind”, because it’s the effect of the sound, not the meaning of the word that is important.

Guided meditation: We rediscover and strengthen the awareness of deep peace and stillness that is always in and around us.

Breathing exercises / Pranayam: We create balance through work with the body’s more subtle energy patterns.

Inquiring dialogue: We investigate through questioning and inquiry how we relate to thoughts, feelings, world concept, personal narrative and identity.